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The Second Great Awakening
began at the
Red River Meeting House

But the year 1800 exceeds all that my eyes ever beheld upon earth. All that I have related is only, as it were, an introduction. Although many souls in these congregation, during the three preceding years, have been savingly converted, and now give living evidences of their union to Christ; yet all that work is only like a few drops before a mighty rain, when compared with the wonders of Almighty Grace, that took place in the year 1800.

James M’Gready – Logan County, Kentucky, October 23, 1801

The living history event at Red River Meetinghouse is canceled this year due to rain predictions of up to 3 inches, but if you want to blame 2020, feel free. Next year will be October 8-10. Stay tuned for a spring event if you are interested in camping with us.

Restrooms are finally complete! We thank God for your generous donations that made this possible.
Donations are now being taken to construct a picnic pavilion adjacent to the restrooms.
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