Several weeks ago, friends from Indiana and myself had the blessed experience of visiting RRMH. We so appreciate those who have maintained the cemetery and replica of the log church. Such a peaceful atmosphere in which to pray and worship. We truly were blessed. Also enjoyed using the self-guided walking tour of the cemetery. We are recommending this to our friends. Thank you.

Linda Garner

My daughter, her best friend (like a daughter to us) and 4 kids ages 1,2,9, and 12, felt led to come to RRMH last Nov.  We felt like we were supposed to come there, step on the land, and bring revival back to Texas.  My daughter felt led to make an anointing oil, her friend brought some of their homegrown honey, and we came to Alabama from Ft. Worth Texas. We went to Robin Bullock's church and had him pray over the oil and honey.  The next day we drove up to RRMH, stepped on the land, poured out the oil and honey, and prayed together as well as anointing each of us, including the kids, so that we would bring revival back to Texas.  The following day after being at RRMH, the 2 girls and their kids drove back to Nashville and felt led to pour the anointing oil out on the sidewalks and steps at Kent Christmas's church.

Blessings! Lori Ivie

I really enjoy reading all the stories of how God is moving in others lives that reach out to Him. Thank God for all the faithful members of the Red River Meetinghouse Association. Prayers for this country and the refreshing revival of His spirit in all of us.

Thank you, Amy Scott.

I am writing to let you know that my husband and I would like to continue receiving the newsletter. It is a joy to read about how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of those who put their trust in Him.

Thank you, Tina Ryan

Always enjoy receiving your newsletter. Have enjoyed visiting through the years even on days when there was no scheduled event. Always keep the “Light” of history burning and keep on the sunny side.

Best Regards, Bob Dulany

It is wonderful that RR is being used and appreciated by so many. I hope to bring my grandchildren in a few years to connect with their forebears - Ewings and Townsends.

Thank you, Betty Orendorf Daniels

I live in Florida and have heard of and wanted to visit RRMH for many years. My maiden name was Wesley, so I have always loved the history of revival moves of God throughout the centuries.  In May, 2022, my husband and I made it to RRMH, a day later than we had planned. A young woman from Uganda met us at the door and shared a scripture for us the Lord gave her as we approached from the parking lot.

She had no idea that only a few days earlier I had a meeting with my pastor about getting intercessors united across our area to pray for revival since Pentecost was approaching. The scripture she shared was Acts 2:17, where Peter shared at Pentecost about the words spoken by Joel. Joel said that during the end time revival, God's Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh. We were tremendously encouraged that He is going to answer our prayers for people of all church backgrounds to come together and pray for revival in our area.

We thank all of you who keep the church and the grounds in such clean and pleasant condition. We felt the Lord's presence there so strongly that several days later we literally drove back across the state from the eastern side to visit RRMH again. We prayed for several hours and felt the Lord's sweet presence once again. God bless each one of you for keeping the spiritual atmosphere clean and alive with His presence!

Blessings, Dody Griffith

It was a total blessing to be there!  I am very happy to report that the spiritual burden that I carried with me and prayed on my knees there regarding, is lifting in remarkable stages!  Even today, there was an important breakthrough!  I am so very grateful you have continued to make Red River Meeting House available to visit--it is a very special place!

I look forward to your newsletter!

God bless!

Jennifer Dewar